Medical SEO Done Right

Medical SEO: How to Grow Patient Loyalty on the Web Are you using medical SEO to reach out to and retain patients? There’s more to it than being found on google. It’s also about trust. We’re sharing how here. Let’s be realistic. Building a website nowadays is not enough. Just being present online won’t bring[…]

Doctors, it is past time you start acting like independent contractors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. You run a business. You are self-employed, and all that entails. One of the implications of that is you have to make marketing a part of your business. Gone are the days where you could get customers simply by hanging a[…]

If you’re tired of having a website that no one sees, you need to evaluate your site’s medical SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, are the various keywords and structure that help online searchers find your website. Did you know that at least 54{bdd9a1c58d0911e91934581815bf2aaeb41e96f2473b5329645edf525dd6592d} of millennials and 77{bdd9a1c58d0911e91934581815bf2aaeb41e96f2473b5329645edf525dd6592d} of patients overall look online before choosing a[…]

Exploring the patient market is an organized effort to collect information about target markets or patients. This can be a very important component of business strategy. Researching the right patient market is a key factor in maintaining competitiveness over competitors. Market research provides information and facts to identify and analyze your target patient market need, market[…]

The medical industry is competitive. Whether you are a medical industry business that is looking for new patients or selling product, it’s important to have a strong search engine presence. Before receiving any kind of medical care, a potential patient will look for information online in order to find the right healthcare service provider that meets[…]

SEO for Doctors: 10 Social Media Strategies to Use Using SEO for doctors is just as important as any other industry, and that’s why you need to get social. These 10 social media tips will take you to the top. Doctors typically have a lot on their mind. Staying up to date with new studies[…]