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Is Your SEO Company Working for the Competition?

Is your SEO company ranking for the competition? It’s a truth in the search engine optimization industry that often times companies will work for greater a couple of clients competing in the identical area of interest. Is it ethical? We don’t consider so, but that doesn’t stop the other guys from doing it! We consider that our clients deserve the best ratings and that working for two competing customers is a struggle in that.

Why SEO Companies Work for Competitors

Most SEO companies aren’t especially concerned with whether or not clients are in competition with each other. In any case, if an search engine optimization organization can get several businesses in the same neighborhood area that compete for the identical keywords or area of interest it may make the search engine optimization technique easier. The right kind of search engine optimization requires a research and technique, and with the aid of studying the same records once for several customers those organizations can save money and time. What those search engine optimization businesses miss out on, or do see however definitely brush aside, is that they’re short-changing their clients by using the same tactics for your competitor!

Can search engine optimization companies get correct results for a couple of commercial enterprise within the identical area of interest? In some cases, sure. That doesn’t make it ethical, however.

I believe that if you hire an Medical SEO experts to optimize your internet site and enhance your search engine rankings, they should work to get you better results than your competitor. All seems well, and after several months of working with this company your site has been ranking hire step by step on Google. You would be happy, right? Now imagine that unbeknownst to you, a competing company a few blocks away had employed the equal search engine optimization agency on the same time. However they’re simply ranking higher than you are! You would in all likelihood be dissatisfied, and rightly so! Notwithstanding your improved rankings, you’ve basically been double-crossed.

You’re paying an SEO expert to move past your competition, not to be lumped into the equal basket along them.

What Do I Do If I Discover My SEO Company Is Working for My Competition?

If you catch your SEO agency working for your competition, it is a good idea to drop them and hire another dependable SEO company. In any case, if they absolutely want your company to prevail they wouldn’t be working for the competition.

If you need an Medical SEO Experts that believes for your health business and is dedicated to operating towards your goals, give us a call at 813.453.2225 or fill out our signup for an SEO Audit. We are able to make your website compete in any industry and we are will help you beat your competition!

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Roger SafontIs Your SEO Company Working for the Competition?