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Introduction to Medical SEO

The medical industry is competitive. Whether you are a medical industry business that is looking for new patients or selling product, it’s important to have a strong search engine presence. Before receiving any kind of medical care, a potential patient will look for information online in order to find the right healthcare service provider that meets their needs.

In the medical industry, it’s important to generate quality leads over time. Doctor Identity Services offers medical SEO services that will improve website traffic and conversions. In order to maximize SEO efforts, we will integrate your healthcare SEO campaign with all of your other marketing efforts.

Why SEO Matters To Healthcare Providers

Whenever consumers want health information, they turn is to search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN/Bing. In fact, seeking healthcare professionals is one of the most frequent online activities among Internet users of all ages. Healthcare SEO is key to reaching these users.

Because a lot of people seek healthcare information on the web, there is a significant opportunity for organizations that employ search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reach their target viewers. It also means that organizations who cannot be seen in search engines are missing out on a big possibility to reach the very people who need them most.

Whether you’re a specialty doctor, a medical center, local clinic, urgent care or an organization serving the medical or pharmaceutical companies, if you’re in the industry of healthcare it is very important that your target viewers can find you online.

Why Doctor Identity Services?

It is important that you select the right medical website design and physician SEO firm.

Skilled medical professionals and physicians who work with our services enjoy several advantages, including:

Greater online exposure

Custom web site design for doctors always gives you a huge benefits in the major search engines since the number one place your prospective clients are searching for you online.

Fast turnaround

Your medical website can up and fully efficient in a few days.

Exceptional customer service

Our responsiveness is one reason why so many medical practices refer our Doctor SEO services to their colleagues

Easy site maintenance

We setup your site so you can easily add new content or make changes… or we will go through effectively for you.

More options

We offer you even more medical marketing services and technologies including blogs, newsletters, RSS and PPC to name a few.

Copywriting and editing

Our seasoned copywriters can help you generate content for your website that will employ your readers and create rankings at the same time.

We invite you to contact us and find out by yourself why Doctor Identity Services is the custom medical SEO website design and search engine marketing company of choice.

How We Help?

Doctor Identity Services concentrates primarily on working with medical professionals and health care organizations of all types offering the most effective solutions that focus on Healthcare SEO. We guide you through a structured Search Engine Optimization process designed to maximize results and ROI, including:

  • Discovery & Research – defining your campaign goals and examining level of competition, site structure, strategic key terms and baseline performance.
  • Implementation – optimization of site webpages and application of professional best practices for SEO.
  • Analysis – Monitoring and reporting of site performance, along with informed advice and ROI assessment.

We also understand that the end goal of any SEO campaign is not merely to get patients to your website, but to convert those visits into actionable goals for your organization. Whether your goals are to increase your roster of patients, amount of procedures, or improve sales or donations, we strive to keep your SEO campaign producing big results that facilitate your business goals.

Please feel free to call (813.453.2225) or request a Free Medical SEO Analysis.  We would love to find out about your business and see whatever we can do for you.

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Roger Safont - Technology Evangelist, Internet & Digital Marketer, Healthcare Technology Leader

Roger SafontIntroduction to Medical SEO