More Doctors are Turning to Natural Pain Remedies: Here’s Why

Natural Pain Remedies: How Doctors are Eliminating Pain

Doctors and patients are finding solace in noninvasive, natural pain remedies. Here’s what you need to know about how natural pain remedies can help.

Pills, surgery, and more pills – this is not the routine you want to live every day. That is why natural pain remedies are becoming a more common means of managing pain.

Your doctor doesn’t want this to be your routine either. That’s why more physicians are turning to natural pain remedies instead of relying on a tiny pill.

When you go to the doctor’s office, you want answers to your problems, pain, and prayers, not temporary solutions. You don’t want the same treatment as the person who went before you. You want personalized attention to your aches.

Is the answer really more pills?

Certain medication is unavoidable – we understand. Just consider the alternative methods to pill popping or even surgery.

By studying natural pain remedies and using them when appropriate, we can offer our patients a more natural and less invasive option to eliminate pain.

Treating Chronic Pain Without Surgery Or Drugs

The idea of effectively reducing or eliminating pain without the use of drugs or surgery may seem impossible or impractical. But you’ve been in pain for so long and no drugs seem to be working.

The medication you’ve been taking for a year hasn’t fixed your pain. Maybe you prefer natural pain relief.

Some of us have had surgeries meant to correct the main source of pain. Like everything else, it failed. This is an opportunity to naturally and effectively eliminate pain. If an injury or ailment cannot be fully healed, then the next best thing is managing your suffering to tolerable levels.

Types Of Holistic & Natural Pain Remedies

There are many different ways to approach holistic remedies for pain. Many doctors specialize in natural pain remedies, while others offer traditional medicine in addition to holistic options.

Some doctors simply want to do whatever they can to avoid writing a prescription, which means trying out a natural remedy before giving you medications. Think about all the medicine you’ve tried, surgeries that were supposed to fix you, and promises of relief. Here’s a list of options you haven’t tried.

1. Physical Therapy And Exercises

If your pain has developed as a result of an accident or trauma, you may have tightness in your muscles and joints. This tightness disappears with movement and motion – under the right supervision.

Physical therapy with a trained physical therapist will use stretches and exercises to warm up your body and loosen your joints and muscles. Eventually, you’ll be on dance floor or tossing the baseball again.

2. Tai Chi, Yoga, Or Pilates

These workouts are more than just the latest trend to hit the scene; they have been around for thousands of years. And if something has worked for over a millennium, there’s usually science behind its practicality.

Tai Chi is a Chinese practice which works to improve balance and relax the body through concentrated breathing and strengthening mental focus.

Yoga is an Indian practice that can help to strengthen and stretch all part of your body – practitioners hold poses that require a great deal of strength to hold.

Pilates improve your core muscles through stretches and range of motion exercises.

All of these practices can help reduce pain, improve alignment, and fortify your muscles which leads to less pressure on your joints. They are low impact and are relatively safe for all ages to practice and perform.

3. Chiropractic Adjustments

If your back looks like any of the letters of the alphabet besides “L”, then there’s probably a considerable amount of suffering you’re enduring.

Most people think of chiropractors as just adjusting the neck and back, but they also align the lower body and hips.

Chiropractors are trained for many years to physically work with your joints and vertebrae, fixing anything that has come out of alignment. They take a holistic approach to treating your pain.

4. Herbal And Nutritional Supplements

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years to treat ailments from pain to immunity deficiencies.

From changing your eating habits to taking herbal and dietary supplements, you can greatly decrease physical pain and increase your immune system.

Herbs such as turmeric, ginger, Omega-3s, and MSM have proven to help with sleeping issues, pain, and inflammation.

Remember, it’s not all about exercising and stretching but what you do when you’re not exercising and stretching.

5. Topical Gels And Ointments

There are enormous amount of gels and ointments on the market which are made from natural ingredients and are effective at treating swelling, pain, and bruising. We’ll understand if you skip out on the ointments made from toads.

The gels that aren’t disgusting are just as effective.

For example, a gel which contains Arnica montana can help with topical pain. Certain essential oils can help with joint pain, headaches, and stomach pain, like peppermint and lavender.

Choose the toad ointment at your own risk.

6. Massage And Heat Therapy

Both massage and heat therapies hold a multitude of benefits. Just hearing the word “relaxation” is relaxing. Massages soften stiff and sore muscles. Massage also helps increase blood flow, which can help with healing.

Heat therapy increases nutrients and oxygen to affected areas – this activates the healing process putting you on a quicker path to a pain-free life.

7. Electrotherapy

It’s not a science fiction story or NASA sanctioned healing method.

Eletrotherapy isn’t a cure. It is a pain management therapy that uses electric simulations to block the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.

The feeling or relief ranges from zero pain to a mild tingling sensation. Bring your medical treatments to the 21st century.

Eliminating Chronic & Debilitating Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, knee pain, joint pain, or any other condition which requires constant pain management, seek out a doctor who uses natural pain remedies.

Doctors around the United States are realizing what many other countries already know, holistic approaches and natural remedies have incredible healing power.

Taking a pill or going under the knife should not be the first answers to pain or discomfort, but a last resort.

Give Natural Pain Remedies A Chance

Many doctors are starting to change their practices to more natural approaches after seeing how effective they are. Maybe you’re part of a demographic that refuses traditional medicine.

Changing lives without the use of medication or surgery can be extremely rewarding for both the doctor and patients.

However, we understand that while we may have years and volumes of studying natural pain remedies, this might be an entirely new idea or path for you.

To some, the idea of treating pain with these natural remedies may seem ridiculous – it’s not witchcraft.

Whether you have depended on medications for years or are simply in so much pain you cannot imagine anything but medication working, there is no harm in giving it a try.

Holistic approaches can rarely do any harm, but many of them may surprise you in how effective they are in treating your pain. We recommend that you give natural pain remedies a try and see if they work for you.

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Roger SafontMore Doctors are Turning to Natural Pain Remedies: Here’s Why