Introduction to Medical SEO

The medical industry is competitive. Whether you are a medical industry business that is looking for new patients or selling product, it’s important to have a strong search engine presence. Before receiving any kind of medical care, a potential patient will look for information online in order to find the right healthcare service provider that meets their needs.

In the medical industry, it’s important to generate quality leads over time. Doctor Identity Services offers medical SEO services that will improve website traffic and conversions. In order to maximize SEO efforts, we will integrate your healthcare SEO campaign with all of your other marketing efforts.

Why SEO Matters To Healthcare Providers

Whenever consumers want health information, they turn is to search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN/Bing. In fact, seeking healthcare professionals is one of the most frequent online activities among Internet users of all ages. Healthcare SEO is key to reaching these users.

Because a lot of people seek healthcare information on the web, there is a significant opportunity for organizations that employ search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reach their target viewers. It also means that organizations who cannot be seen in search engines are missing out on a big possibility to reach the very people who need them most.

Whether you’re a specialty doctor, a medical center, local clinic, urgent care or an organization serving the medical or pharmaceutical companies, if you’re in the industry of healthcare it is very important that your target viewers can find you online.

Why Doctor Identity Services?

It is important that you select the right medical website design and physician SEO firm.

Skilled medical professionals and physicians who work with our services enjoy several advantages, including:

Greater online exposure

Custom web site design for doctors always gives you a huge benefits in the major search engines since the number one place your prospective clients are searching for you online.

Fast turnaround

Your medical website can up and fully efficient in a few days.

Exceptional customer service

Our responsiveness is one reason why so many medical practices refer our Doctor SEO services to their colleagues

Easy site maintenance

We setup your site so you can easily add new content or make changes… or we will go through effectively for you.

More options

We offer you even more medical marketing services and technologies including blogs, newsletters, RSS and PPC to name a few.

Copywriting and editing

Our seasoned copywriters can help you generate content for your website that will employ your readers and create rankings at the same time.

We invite you to contact us and find out by yourself why Doctor Identity Services is the custom medical SEO website design and search engine marketing company of choice.

How We Help?

Doctor Identity Services concentrates primarily on working with medical professionals and health care organizations of all types offering the most effective solutions that focus on Healthcare SEO. We guide you through a structured Search Engine Optimization process designed to maximize results and ROI, including:

  • Discovery & Research – defining your campaign goals and examining level of competition, site structure, strategic key terms and baseline performance.
  • Implementation – optimization of site webpages and application of professional best practices for SEO.
  • Analysis – Monitoring and reporting of site performance, along with informed advice and ROI assessment.

We also understand that the end goal of any SEO campaign is not merely to get patients to your website, but to convert those visits into actionable goals for your organization. Whether your goals are to increase your roster of patients, amount of procedures, or improve sales or donations, we strive to keep your SEO campaign producing big results that facilitate your business goals.

Please feel free to call (813.453.2225) or request a Free Medical SEO Analysis.  We would love to find out about your business and see whatever we can do for you.

Roger SafontIntroduction to Medical SEO
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SEO for Doctors: 10 Social Media Strategies You Should Be Using

SEO for Doctors: 10 Social Media Strategies to Use

Using SEO for doctors is just as important as any other industry, and that’s why you need to get social. These 10 social media tips will take you to the top.

Doctors typically have a lot on their mind. Staying up to date with new studies and procedures, appointments, emergency call-ins… It’s a lot.

So it’s fair to say that figuring out how SEO for doctors works isn’t at the top of the list.

But working SEO into any medical practice’s web presence is a huge part of getting more patients in through the doors and upping your online game.

Doctor Identity Services is here to take on the additional responsibility of managing your marketing and a medical practice– it’s what we’re experts at!

We also love to help our clients stay up-to-date on the latest and best marketing strategies. So we’ve put together our top 10 social media strategies you should be using– and be sure to check out our blog if you want to learn more.

SEO for Doctors: 10 strategies you need to be using

Staying on top of your online presence is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t believe us? A report found that 60{bdd9a1c58d0911e91934581815bf2aaeb41e96f2473b5329645edf525dd6592d} of doctors say that using social media has improved their quality of care for patients.

The people who are viewing the content are also more likely to share the medical information, from a blog cross-posted to social media, for example.

The benefits of SEO for doctors are clear: more people will be getting accurate medical information online and they will be linking to and interacting with your practice.

So here’s what you’ll want to do make this type of SEO for doctors work for you.

1. Update frequently and start conversations

What’s the point of social media? To be social!

SEO for doctors is based on the idea that doctors and medical practices need to put a personality to that professional face. This can really only happen through face-to-face interactions or social media.

You will want to use your platforms to update frequently and start conversations with your patients and followers.

Some offices like to use a post manager like HootSuite to schedule posts and others like to just stick to a schedule they’ve created.

A good rule of thumb is to post at least once a day on your platform. If your following grows, you may up that to twice a day to start at the top of news feeds and capture the most comments and shares.

2. Try out platforms like Instagram as well as Facebook and LinkedIn

When it comes to using social media as a professional, it seems like Facebook and LinkedIn are running the game. And you should be using these platforms to reach out to users.

But you should also consider using networks like Instagram to supplement your practice’s social media presence.

Some doctors have used social media platforms like Instagram to their advantage. They now have thousands of followers that are learning from the posts, sharing them, and engaging heavily.

You can also use your Instagram posts to liven up other platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn are usually very text-based.

The truth is that users prefer posts with images much more than those that are strictly text or a link to somewhere else.

3. Create content they’ll want to read and share

If a regular person tried to read a peer-reviewed medical journal or one of your old textbooks from medical school, chances are they’ll be confused and bored.

So you’ll want to break this stereotype and create content that people actually want to read and share.

This means putting personality into your posts and making sure everything is as clear as possible to regular readers.

4. Don’t forget to network

Social media is a great place for you to network with potential patients, but you should also take the time to network with other professionals.

We recommend following other doctors and practices on social media and interacting with them through likes, shares, and comments.

You never know when a new referral will come in thanks to your interactions on social media. And you can reach a new audience when you appear on another practice’s feed.

5. Remember that SEO for doctors can up your rankings

SEO is all about making your website and practice “search engine optimized” so that searching patients will be shown your website as a top result.

Think of this like your credit score. You’ll have to work to build up that reputation that allows you to be given more responsibility.

SEO is similar. The more people who follow you, share your posts, and the larger your presence is, the better.

While you are posting and creating content, be sure to add in your keywords that patients are most likely to search for to tie your business in with a search page to rank on.

All of this social media work is ultimately working in favor of SEO for doctors!

6. Use Twitter to join in on medical conversations

Twitter is a great platform to engage in quick and current conversations while upping your SEO ranking.

Search through medical hashtags and trending topics to chime in, respond to, and share the posts of others on your page.

You’ll be able to network with professionals and have your voice heard in a community interested in your area of expertise.

7. Share your promotions and events

If you have a following on social media, you also have an outlet to advertise to automatically.

So take advantage of this and share any promotions or events that you’re taking part in.

Some offices run marathons or work with charities during the holidays to raise awareness for a community issue or disease. Advertising this on social media can help bring out people to the events and grab the attention of people interested in the cause.

8. Consider using Youtube

When most people think of social media, they may not be thinking of Youtube.

But this platform is an awesome way to really up your professional reputation if you dedicate time to creating fun and informational videos to engage patients and users.

You’ll be able to create content that you’re interested in and get rid of any misinformation on the topic since you are an actual, trustworthy source of information.

9. Fight misinformation and build trust

It’s safe to say that any doctor has worked with a patient who first went to ‘Dr. Online’ before coming to you.

Maybe they understand their problem a bit better or are convinced they have something else entirely.

The internet is a place full of false information and this can be dangerous when health is involved.

So use social media and your position as a medical professional to get rid of misinformation and build trust in doctors again.

10. Learn from your analytics

Starting off with SEO for doctors means that you should be keeping an eye on your analytics to see what works best for your practice.

Perhaps you should up the Instagram posts and make a smaller amount of Youtube videos per month. Adjusting your output can really make a difference.

Roger SafontSEO for Doctors: 10 Social Media Strategies You Should Be Using
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Learn how to be a digital marketing pro with this bundle of online classes

Image: pexels

Heads up: All items included here are chosen by Mashable’s commerce group and fulfill our extensive requirements for awesomeness. Mashable might make an affiliate commission if you purchase something.

You ought to have a strong structure in digital marketing despite where you work. Let’s be genuine, who has time to get another degree while working 50+ hour weeks?

Consider getting The Complete Affiliate Marketing Bundle rather. Usually more than $800, this set naturally is on sale for less than $40 and will fill your brain with a host of helpful abilities that might provide your profession a welcome increase in 2018.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what’s consisted of:

1. Ways to Make Your First Dollar With Affiliate Marketing

The very first sale is constantly the hardest part of any brand-new endeavor. Discover the best ways to discover affiliate deals, compose efficient advertisements, and utilize various marketing platforms. It’s the ideal guide course in affiliate marketing.

2. Material Curation: How to Create a Viral Site from Scratch

The Internet marketing dream is to have your task go viral. With this Content Curation course, you’ll have a look at websites like ViralNova and GodVine that produce over 6 figures each month and frequently cost countless dollars. The trick is that these websites do not truly do anything brand-new, however they understand the best ways to follow a tested formula.

3. Seo For Affiliate Marketers

The expression “SEO” will appear a lot in your life as an online marketer. Due to the fact that SEO is in fact truly basic, it does not have to be something to fear. This guide will stroll you through the essentials in about an hour.

4. Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

If you wish to be an e-mail marketing pro, you will have to make an e-mail list eventually. The issue is that tools continuously develop and the info on them can be frustrating. In this 90-minute course, learn more about the start-up tools you have to make an easy, scalable, and sustainable push button empire.

5. Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketers

Obviously, you have to understand the best ways to produce a reliable ad campaign on Facebook if you wish to be competitive in any market. The platform uses unmatched capability to target consumers at the most particular levels. You require to find out how to scale, which is where this hour-long course will assist.

6. The Complete Guide To Paid Traffic Sources

Do you understand the primary reason that most online marketers stop working? This course will inform you. Discover the optimum structure for a sales funnel utilizing paid traffic, find the significance of split-testing deals, and make sure success with any traffic source in this two-hour class.

7. SEO Affiliate Domination

Okay, so you understand the fundamentals of SEO. Do you understand how to make hundreds of dollars each day while working from anywhere? The course in SEO Affiliate Domination will teach you techniques for e-commerce, affiliate marketing, SEO, brand name authority, and video marketing. This course will reveal you how to make it a truth if you dream of a remote way of life.

8. Ways To Make Consistent Commissions Affiliate Launchjacking

One of the most robust courses in the package, this Bootcamp will offer you a strong understanding of affiliate marketing. After making it through its 5 hours of material and 59 lectures, you’ll have the ability to a/b and compose test efficient advertisements, and you’ll comprehend ways to select deals to promote.

You can snag this amazing package in the Mashable Shop while it’s on sale for $39 — a 95% discount rate.

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Roger SafontLearn how to be a digital marketing pro with this bundle of online classes
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This startup wants you to be able to publish your blog from any device

Image: verst

If you’re aiming to develop your brand name with some fresh material, your very first stop might be WordPress.com or Medium, or you might select Wix (the favorite of part-Victoria Secret design, part-coder Karlie Kloss).

CEO AJ Frank would rather you select Verst to publish, handle, and monetize your words (from anywhere including your mobile phone) and actually comprehend your audience.

Just over a years of age, Verst introduced numerous brand-new functions Wednesday that consist of paid memberships, homepage styles, a less expensive rates tier, content migration from WordPress, and e-mail shipment.

Frank formerly worked as a senior item supervisor at Uber, the basic supervisor at Vine, and in brand-new service advancement at Google. He’s rather familiar with getting individuals online, specifically on their smart devices, to click, scroll, and watch.

While rival websites like WordPress, Medium, Wix, and personalized sites appear numerous, Frank stated he and his group saw a requirement for a data-empowered and mobile-focused option.

“We’re a completely included publishing platform, for specialists, not simply enthusiasts. We desire you to own your audience the manner in which you wont on Facebook and utilize Verst as your main center,” Frank stated.

Image: verst

The most current upgrade lets blog writers put a few of their material behind a paywall, using a method to making loan beyond digital marketing likewise used on the website. Blog writers take 90 percent of the profits.

Verst is less of a drag and drop experience like Wix and not simply a one-option just variation like Medium. Rather, rather like WordPress, users can select in between a handful of style alternatives which can then be quickly modified. Unlike WordPress, Verst is properly designed and has a mobile app for publishing.

“Our top [top priority is] making it simpler to preserve a website and utilize,” Frank stated. “We have a mobile service, where we desire any publisher to be able to sweat off their phone or their tablet.”

Frank didn’t divulge the number of users they have however indicated some popular pages. Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, is a consultant to the business and runs his blog site with Verst. He shares some article to LinkedIn too. Political expert and activist Ian Capstick , YouTuber Chris Klemens , and psychological health app Stigma likewise utilize Verst.

What Verst cannot ensure, Frank stated, is constructing you an audience.

While Medium has an integrated social media element, Verst acts merely as your landing page. It’s up to you to share the page throughout Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When to publish, Verst does assist with search engine optimization to enhance your Google ranking and likewise offers other audience insights so you can be smarter about.

Of course, material hosting isn’t really totally free. Verst has actually been charging $29 monthly for the entire experience however is likewise presenting a $12 monthly tier.

Next up for Verst is using more ideas and insights. When would be an excellent time to publish and possibly one day even post or share instantly, a mobile notice of the Verst app might recommend.

“We can be not just a location you can release and see analytics however likewise a coach for you. The more you release the simplest it is to construct an audience,” Frank stated.

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Roger SafontThis startup wants you to be able to publish your blog from any device
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Learn how SEO works with these online courses

Image: pixabay

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Its quite hard to end up being the most popular kid in school. You need to dress well, bend over in reverse to obtain individuals to like you, and make a vicious burn book that roasts all your opponents. You understand whats even harder: ending up being the most popular site.

Search engines are the gatekeepers to the Internet, so Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for every single site. And you can find out the ins and outs of SEO from online courses like the Search Engine Optimization Certification Training Bundle .

This package will teach you all the ideas, tools, and strategies of SEO so you can not just increase the online exposure of your site, however keep it at the top of an online search engine list. Youll discover the best ways to naturally drive traffic to your site through whatever from keyword management and research study to off-page and on-page optimization.

The Search Engine Optimization Certification Training Bundle consists of 19 hours of premium guideline. It likewise teaches you the best ways to comprehend your consumers requirements, strategy and market a site, and check out web analytics.

The Search Engine Optimization Certification Training Bundle typically costs $399, however you can get it for simply $29 , a cost savings of 92 percent. Buy it here.

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How to go to startup school for an unbelievable price

Image: pixabay

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Got a million dollar concept however no other way to make it a truth? Its time to return to school and get your start-up education. Now you might be believing, Don’t most start-up wunderkinds leave of school? Sure, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates shunned a standard education in order to make their mark on the world, however they might have persevered if they were registered in the Startup School Bundle .

This 60+ hour tech and company training suite will assist you take advantage of your inner business owner and get the abilities you in fact have to prosper. The Startup School Bundle combines 10 extensive training modules to cover the large range of subjects youll have to understand if you wish to impress possible companies or possible financiers. Heres what youll find out:

1. Newbie to Advanced SEO Course for Startups, Businesses &&Bloggers

Image: Startup school

You cant run an effective site without an audience, and you cant gather an audience without excellent seo. This course will teach you the ideas and techniques had to boost your SEO rating and make your website increase to the top of in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches.

2. New Business Ideas: Create Your $1,000,000 Business This Week

Image: start-up school

Based on the trainers 18 years of experience owning and running an online company, this course will reveal you data-based development hacking methods, permitting you to discover, verify, and construct a million dollar company without uncertainty.

3. Step-by-Step Startup Business Guide: The Modern Entrepreneur

Image: start-up school

Being the head choice maker needs you to make choices with your head. This course will teach you techniques for fine-tuning that specific piece of psychological devices, along with techniques for future-proofing your company, constructing models, gaining from the success of others, and far more.

4. Development Hacking with Digital Marketing Masterclass Series

Image: start-up school

Flex your marketing muscles with this master class on development hacking. Youll learn how to utilize crucial marketing tools, establish analytical abilities, style and track conversion funnels, establish necessary e-mail marketing abilities, and other expert marketing essentials that will assist you stay up to date with the giants of Silicon Valley.

5. The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced

Image: start-up school

With 78 lectures and 9 hours of material, the Complete Google AdWords course will reveal you the best ways to go back to square one and construct your conversions rapidly and effectively. You’ll learn how to different helpful information from unassociated information, change projects that do not transform and obtain practical insights from your trainer’s reality experiences.

6. 10 Step Startup: The Complete Entrepreneurship Course

Image: start-up school

Follow these 10 inspirational actions and youll be on your method to constructing an effective start-up. Youll construct a program of action that will take you from $0 a month to $10,000 a month, just by establishing a strong online existence, boosting your social networks profiles, and welcoming the love you have for exactly what you do.

7. One-Day MVP 2.0

Image: start-up school

The crucial to an effective start-up is the capability to move rapidly. To prepare you for that speed, this course will teach you ways to turn any concept into a working model in simply 24 hours. Youll study up on effective advertising campaign, learn how to make wireframes and pitch decks, and win over financiers with an interactive mock model.

8. Master Outsourcing – Get the very best Price &&Save Time


Outsourcing might be a hot subject, however if you learn how to do it effectively and smartly, it might conserve you approximately 90 percent on your next job. This course will assist you get the most affordable, most sensible rate for your outsourced workwhether its web dev, logo style, marketing research, or anything between.

9. Develop business You Want with ‘Twelve Steps to Traction


Developed by Tamsen Garrie, the 12 Steps to Traction integrate the principles of organisation with the tenets of behavioral psychology, forming a reliable and ingenious method to success over 18 interesting lectures.

10. Gmail, IFTTT &&Virtual Assistant – The Ultimate Productivity Trio


You might take Gmail for given as an easy, trusted e-mail tool, however this course will assist you open its real capacity as a robust efficiency assistant that will assist you get more performed in less time. Youll discover the best ways to keep an empty inbox, get information on add-ons, and get a refresher course on IFTTTa cool service that lets you automate big pieces of your workflow.

Normally, this mega-bundle would add a grand overall of $1,931 if you acquired each module individually. Right now you can get the whole collection for the significantly decreased cost of $40 .

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Roger SafontHow to go to startup school for an unbelievable price
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